Find the mistake to train the concentration for kids.
Finding the mistakes in a picture is always great fun for many children. Learning with playful ease and training the brain is invaluable. With this simple game – spot the difference – children are trained at different levels.

Their visual memory is being trained as well as their ability to concentrate. They have to remember shapes and colors to find them again in the other image. A well-trained visual memory makes things a lot easier for the child.
A very important aspect is also basic visual differentiation. In each picture children have to find, what is missing, what has been added or is there, but in a different color. They learn about the diversity of possible changes, while they are having fun.

Therefore, “Find the mistake” pictures are such popular puzzle fun for young and old. Many cannot stop searching and turn into regular puzzle addicts. In total, there are 10 picture puzzles to solve. There are different levels of difficulty ranging from five to 12 errors.

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